How To Get More of the Right Website Traffic with Twitter

Want to drive more of the right traffic to your website? You can use Twitter for that. To get the most out of your business Twitter account, begin by strategically growing your following. I’ve been growing my following by 50 to 100 (of the right) followers a day for the … Continue reading

5 Must-Have Tools to Rock Content and Save Tons of Time

Small Business Marketing Tools

When people say social media is a free marketing resource, they are lying to you. Our cafe team has revamped our social media channel strategy and I’ll be the first to tell you that hours and hours of your valuable time go into curating and creating the content your audience … Continue reading

3 Essential Skills For Successful Small Business Owners

Put a hundred small business owners in a room and you’re likely to hear a hundred different stories of how they became successful. You’ll find people as different as night and day. People from all walks of life and with varying strengths and skills. But look closer and you’ll begin … Continue reading