5 Budget-Friendly Facebook Marketing Tips

5 tips for event marketing with Facebook ads, plus

Facebook event marketingFace it, we all want a crowd like this one scampering to get into our next big event.  Event promoters bring big crowds using a variety of methods.  Here are a few tips for your next event, highlighting the platforms you’re already using.

1.  Link a Facebook ad to an event on your Facebook business page or a landing page on your website.

Facebook ads offer targeting features that can work well when marketing special events for small businesses. When promoting an upcoming event, planners can create an event through their Facebook business page.  Doing this allows the planner to invite page fans, their own friends, and give permission to others to send out invites.  Another option is to create an event landing page on your company website and link to this dedicated page through your Facebook ad.  A landing page places your audience directly on your website and allows for flexibility with design, calls-to-action, and creativity.  Both give you the option of adding photos and videos. MarketingProfs offers six steps for using video with your B2B event marketing.

2.  Target your Facebook ad to your very specific audience.

Think about your event and who makes up your absolute ideal audience.  Do these people reside in a specific zip code? Do they work at a specific company? Do they have specific interests?  The Facebook ad location feature allows you to scale down your audience to the zip code.  The keyword feature allows you to add keywords pertaining to your audience.  For example, let’s say you own a surf board shop and are holding a sale.  Your keywords could be surf board, surfing, beach, the name of a local surf club, or other words familiar to surfers. Technori offers five tips for help with identifying your target audience.

3.  Cross promote through other platforms.

Build buzz by creating a unique hashtag for your event. Incorporate this hashtag into every piece of marketing, including your Facebook event. Build momentum across other channels, like Twitter and Instagram. Social Media Examiner offers tips on creating and using hashtags.  myMarketing Cafe offers 75 tips to tie in social media with your marketing, many of which can be strategically used with event promotions.

4. Choose a cost-per-click payment feature.

With Facebook advertising, there are options to pay each time someone clicks on your ad or for the number of impressions you receive. When using such detailed targeting metrics with your advertising, a cost-per-click is beneficial because only those truly interested in going to your event are likely to click on your ad.

5. Create a Hollywood buzz with your calls-to-action.

People want to go to the “must attend” event of the year.  We are driven to get access to something others don’t yet have, or to be the first to get that coveted “something.”  When you are building your advertisements, develop a list of calls-to-action that elicit response using incentives: VIP access, limited seating, special featured guests, fantastic/unique giveaway prizes, or savings for buying a ticket early.

Keep a very close eye on your marketing return using analytics tools, and make adjustments to advertising as needed.  Think outside of your zip code and consider using these same tactics to promote a virtual event or upcoming sale.

Now it’s your turn, what event promotion strategies have worked for you in the past?