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How Embedding A YouTube Video Can Hurt Your Business

YouTube video marketing is a powerful marketing medium. It’s a way to capture your audience’s attention and tell your business story. If you’re on the fence about using videos in your business marketing, take a look at some compelling statistics pulled from a recent article on Hubspot. 75% of video viewers have interacted with an […]

Your LinkedIn Contacts Are Not Leads

Your LinkedIn contacts are not leads. They are contacts, and you have some work to do before they officially become a lead. I saw a comment in my LinkedIn news feed today where someone said, “I have been on LinkedIn for years. Has anyone got a fresh lead on LinkedIn that turned into a sale? I […]

Email Marketing Success: Go from List-Building to Relationship-Building

Your email marketing efforts should be generating an average ROI of $38 for every $1 you spend, according to recent 2016 statistics. That’s a really good return on your marketing investment, and shows why so many businesses allocate a significant portion of the marketing budget to email marketing (82% of B2B and B2C companies use […]

Warning: Poor LinkedIn Etiquette Offends Contacts and Shrinks Network

Here’s the good news.  As your LinkedIn network grows, the frequency of your LinkedIn connection requests will increase. It’s the law of attraction – like attracts like. With every connection request you accept, your second and third level connections begin to see that others are connecting with you. It’s only logical they would want in […]

How To Create Content Marketing So Powerful It Doesn’t Need A Call-To-Action

For both marketers and small businesses, Hubspot serves as a tremendous resource for creating a robust content marketing program. And if you tie your marketing efforts to their CRM platform, you’ve got a powerful recipe for success. But there’s something more we can learn from Hubspot than from just downloading their content marketing or using […]

Your Clever Profile Title Could Be Ruining Your Credibility – Here’s Why

If you are a savvy business professional, you’re undoubtedly taking advantage of the internet to create awareness about your business and you as a professional in your field. Whether you’re connecting with people on the networking giant LinkedIn, or a niche site like Networking for Professionals, or an industry blog like Spin Sucks, the people you […]

‘Use Facebook as Page’ Not Working? Here’s the easy fix.

If you’ve been successful using Facebook with your business social media marketing, you know how important it is to use it just like your audience does. Social media marketing should demonstrate genuine engagement including ‘liking’ other business and community pages and interacting with them on your news feed, interacting with and responding to followers, and sharing […]

Will Gwen Stefani’s New LinkedIn Profile Be A Hit?

This morning when I logged on to LinkedIn, I was immediately greeted with a new post from Gwen Stefani. My first reaction was one of wonder and puzzlement, Gwen Stefani on LinkedIn? She launched a new album today, so is that what this is about? It drew my attention because a new product launch isn’t the […]

Small Business Marketing: Making a great first impression online

Secured Logistics – Website Redesign and Integrated Marketing The team at myMarketing Cafe works with small business owners to help them create a polished online presence using the digital channels that are most relevant to the target audience. Most recently, we worked with our client Secured Logistics. Here is a quick look at their story.

How to get better results from your contractors and freelancers

Can you think of a friend or relative who no matter how much time passes between visits, you can pick up exactly where you left off?  It’s as if no time has passed. After a five-minute recap, you’re completely in sync with each other. Yeah, that doesn’t happen in business. One day of not communicating […]