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5 Tips To Make Your Business Blog Stand Out

Business blogging is an optimal strategy for creating new content to help with search engine optimization, engaging clients, and showcasing your expertise.  It’s also not something you should start without the willingness to make a commitment to it. The primary goal of a business blog is to gain followers, which are considered warm leads for […]

Two tips for using LinkedIn to build your community network

LinkedIn has become a powerhouse for connecting professionals with various audiences. In this post, I am sharing two tips that work well for me. #1 Choose groups from your target audience. Most users will join groups that support their profession, like joining a communications group if you are a communications professional.  But look at this […]

Team building strategy: The employee scavenger hunt

The more your employees know — about your business, the industry in which you operate, your competitors and your clients –the better they will serve you.  Think about it for a minute… consider any situation where you needed to learn something new. Weren’t you more at ease after you read the directions or were taught […]