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How To Blend Online and Offline Tactics to Boost Client Acquisition

“I don’t like the sales process. I certainly don’t want to cold call people and I am uncomfortable with sales in general,” words from one of our shiny, brand new clients. This is a client sentiment we run across often at myMarketing Cafe. In fact, it’s why many of our clients have turned to us […]

Don’t Lose Your Audience: Six Facebook Tactics For Bigger ROI and Engagement

Is your Facebook business page growing fan engagement or attracting new fans with each update and image you share? Many factors come into play with Facebook algorithms and viewership of business pages. This month is one of the busiest months for Facebook users and it’s an optimal time to creatively share business information. Use the […]

How To Host A Successful Small Business Twitter Chat

Wouldn’t it be nice to attend a networking event where the people attending were talking about a topic that just happened to be your specialty? What if you were able to quickly research those who were participating and learn more about them right there during the event? Even better, what if you could step out, […]

Twitter Drops “favorite” and Debuts “like” Button

How many favorites can you really have? Isn’t your favorite of something above all others? If everyone is your favorite, it kind of waters down the value of being a favorite, doesn’t it? Over time, favorite would become what ‘amazing’ has already become in recent years, since the introduction of reality TV. Everything is amazing… […]

Tools and Tactics for Shifting from Cost-Cutting to Business Growth

The law of diminishing returns tells us that cutting costs with your business will have a positive effect, but there comes a point where the ROI begins to diminish. Is your company too focused on cost-cutting as a means to boost revenue and profit? Cutting back on unnecessary expenses, and re-negotiating costly contracts can have […]

Five Underused LinkedIn Features for Sales and Marketing

LinkedIn is continuing to add new features to improve services for networking professionals and businesses. Even if you haven’t subscribed to a premium level as a user, there are still great features to help you upgrade your networking activities, build stronger relationships with your prospects, and ultimately gain a better return on your efforts. Below […]

How To Use Twitter’s New “Moments” Feature For Your Business

Twitter has launched Moments and you can use it for your business. When you logged on to your Twitter account this week, you should have noticed a new option in the tool bar. It’s Twitter’s new Moments feature. (Look for the lightening bolt.) Before adding Moments, Twitter users could see what was new in their […]

LinkedIn Etiquette: 4 Bad Behaviors Costing You Business

Did you know most of your favorite business social media channels have been around longer than a decade? It’s hard to believe that much time has passed because social media is such a big part of our personal and professional lives. LinkedIn was launched in 2002, Facebook in 2004, and Twitter is coming up on […]

The Anatomy of the Perfect Facebook Ad and Why it Works

Can consumers really build a “relationship” with a company on social media? I’m not friends with businesses on Facebook. I like business pages, but the businesses aren’t my friends. Facebook recognized this distinction from day one, but businesses are still trying to get in the friend zone. There is a lot of talk in small business marketing […]