How To Get More of the Right Website Traffic with Twitter

Want to drive more of the right traffic to your website? You can use Twitter for that. To get the most out of your business Twitter account, begin by strategically growing your following. I’ve been growing my following by 50 to 100 (of the right) followers a day for the … Continue reading

5 Must-Have Tools to Rock Content and Save Tons of Time

Small Business Marketing Tools

When people say social media is a free marketing resource, they are lying to you. Our cafe team has revamped our social media channel strategy and I’ll be the first to tell you that hours and hours of your valuable time go into curating and creating the content your audience … Continue reading

3 Essential Skills For Successful Small Business Owners

Put a hundred small business owners in a room and you’re likely to hear a hundred different stories of how they became successful. You’ll find people as different as night and day. People from all walks of life and with varying strengths and skills. But look closer and you’ll begin … Continue reading

How To Create Tweets People Actually Read, Click and Retweet

Compose The Perfect Tweet

Is your business marketing challenged by the 140 character limit imposed by Twitter? While challenging, the character limit is also a blessing because it forces you to truly think about your content and focus on creating value for your audience. And the more focused you are on adding value for your … Continue reading

How To Use Hashtags To Grow Your Small Business

Scroll through your personal news feed on Facebook and you’re likely to come across updates from friends, peppered with hashtags. A quick pass through my news feed just this morning found #lovingmaryland, #cheers, #friendsforlife, #alwaysthereforme.  Consumers of social media are using hashtags to express feelings, humor, and point at the … Continue reading

Five Top Lead Generation Sources for a Small Business

Do you track how many leads your business receives each day? Each week? Do you know which of your marketing efforts results in the best leads? An examination of myMarketing Cafe’s online and offline lead sources revealed the following as our top five high quality lead generators. For us, digital … Continue reading

How To Market A Small Business On A Budget

One of the first questions I ask a prospective new client is ‘What is your marketing budget?’ How they answer this question tells me a great deal about how to help them. If their answer is that they don’t have a budget, then I know I have to begin at … Continue reading

Three (FREE) Video Tools That Will Have Your Competition Squirming

If a new social media channel launched tomorrow, how quickly would you look into whether you could use it for your business? Are you an early adopter? Or are you in the middle with the majority adopters? Maybe you are what Everett M. Rogers labeled the laggard, and you’ll use … Continue reading

How To Get More Qualified Leads With Your Next Presentation

Do you give presentations or host trainings as part of your business marketing? Maybe you host or guest speak on webinars or Google hangouts. Or maybe it’s a bigger deal and you are the speaker for an online conference, or even at in-person events. Whatever the venue, speaking is a … Continue reading

Blog Subscribers versus Email Subscribers: Which is better?

When it comes to driving the right clients to your website, a business blog is by far the most valuable, versatile tool. Don’t believe me? Then you haven’t read 27 Powerful Reasons for a Business Blog. And while your blog is the ‘power tool’ of all content marketing tools, it … Continue reading