How to Choose Advertising Channels for your Small Business

Small Business Advertising

The accelerated development of web technologies has brought a set of new opportunities for small businesses, especially in terms of marketing strategies. Online promotion and advertising activities are seen as a cost-efficient way for this market segment to present their products or services to the widest possible audience. Therefore, it’s … Continue reading

5 Ways To Tie Visual Content to Business Growth

Visual content dominated 2014 and is the biggest marketing strategy for 2015. Are you using it with your marketing efforts? We’ve seen tremendous growth with content marketing over the past five years, including the switch from outbound to inbound marketing, where businesses focus on creating valuable content that draws the … Continue reading

How To Amplify Your Content Marketing Strategy

This post comes to us from Jennifer Landry.  Jennifer is a dedicated web journalist from Malibu, California. She specializes in articles about business management and the current social media landscape. She welcomes you to connect with her on Twitter.   How To Amplify Your Content Marketing Strategy Do you have an … Continue reading

LinkedIn Publishing: Beware of content selfies

Ahhh, the famous Ellen selfie… Now that’s a billion dollar selfie! The once digital trend of Millenials has turned into a marketing phenomenon.  Businesses of all sizes are tapping into the power of selfies. Marketing Cloud recently shared how companies are successfully using selfie marketing to reach customers. But, where some … Continue reading

Five Questions You Need To Answer About Your Target Audience

A few months ago during a meeting, I asked a prospective client who his target audience was. His answer was, “Earth.” For many new business owners, this may seem desirable, because you’ve just spent an exorbitant amount of time and money planning and creating your business. You need customers and … Continue reading

8 Game-Changing Steps To Turn Blog Followers Into Clients

Yesterday, I had a wonderful visit followed by lunch with a great friend and fellow writer. (Truly, I have some nerve putting myself in the same writing category with her.) We met almost two years ago, but we met “in person” for the first time yesterday.  Amanda Cleary Eastep, aka … Continue reading

Inbound Marketing for Nonprofits: The key to acquiring qualified leads

Webinars are an effective Inbound Marketing tactic

Inbound marketing is a marketing strategy that began in 2006 and uses high-quality content to bring “interested” prospects to your company door. That means instead of chasing prospects, they actually come looking for you. Soak that in for a minute. Doesn’t that sound nice? Imagine opening your morning emails and finding … Continue reading

Become a Selling Expert with These 5 Tactics

Brad Ferris Enmast

This week’s Connection Thursday brings you tips for improving your sales strategy.  Our guest blogger is Brad Farris. Brad has been advising small businesses since 2001. He’s the Founder of and Co-Host of Breaking Down Your Business, self-proclaimed the “Most Entertaining Business Podcast in the World.” He loves football (especially the … Continue reading

Your 2015 Small Business Marketing Toolkit

Did you see the September article in the Washington Post, “More businesses are closing than starting?” Not only are business closing, but only 8 percent of all companies (in America) are less than one year old.  Those are dismal words to a small business owner and to those who are … Continue reading

Three Important Tactics To Boost Website Conversions

Does your website attract visitors but not such a great job at converting them to customers? A businesses website is one of the most important tools in the marketing toolbox. While it’s used for many purposes, one of the key purposes is to convert visitors to customers. When our visitors … Continue reading