Why Every Small Business Needs a Google+ Page

This week’s Connection Thursday makes me quite giddy.  I am ever so proud to introduce you to Dana Haddon. Dana is sharing a slice of her marketing knowledge in today’s guest post. She is the artist behind CereusArt Coastal Décor, founded in 2011.  Whether your beach decor style is classic, … Continue reading

If You Want More People to Read your Blog, Read this

Do you spend hours creating online content and feel like no one ever sees it? You’re not alone. This terrible scenario happens because creating your website and blog content is only 50 percent of the marketing strategy, the rest requires promotions.  There are two effective ways to promote your content: … Continue reading

Mobile Marketing: How one wedding planner is using it

Today’s connection Thursday guest post introduces you to LaDonna Lanier.  LaDonna began working in event planning in 2001 and began wedding planning in 2011.  In 2013, she founded LaDonna Lanier Events and focuses primarily on bridal events including weddings, engagements, and bridal shoot styling. I had the pleasure of connecting offline … Continue reading

How to Prove your Industry Expertise using Social Media

  Why should I buy from you? The answer to this question is one business owners sometimes have trouble articulating. Yet, to be successful in business, it’s a necessity to share your unique value proposition. Keep in mind that most consumers conduct extensive research before approaching a company. Make sure … Continue reading

Spin Sucks Review: It’s a force field for your business

This morning’s headline: General Motors executives to face Congress over car recall scandal. Whenever you read about a crisis or scandal at a company, what is your first thought? Mine is always a brief moment of gratitude. I’m grateful for the information. (In the case of GM, this could be … Continue reading

Is Your Professional Net Worth Costing You Business?

How valuable are you as a professional? When creating a marketing plan, one of the first steps is to clearly define our value proposition. In a few short sentences, we need to share what makes our business the right choice for our clients. Shift this thinking over to your own … Continue reading

A Proven Sales Strategy for Long-term ROI

Feature Image Carry The Burden

When it comes to creating content for our digital channels, there are many tools available to help. We have tools for content curation like Newsle and Alltop, and tools to help us organize and plan, like editorial calendars.  All of this is meaningless, however, if we don’t follow a plan … Continue reading

Three branding lessons learned from H & D Diamonds

There is a popular quote, “Find a job you love, and you will never work a day in your life.”–Confucius.  While any job is going to take work to be successful, loving what you do and having a true passion for it makes for a rewarding and satisfying career.  On … Continue reading

Why your business needs Inbound Marketing

New technology has changed the way consumers engage with businesses. It has shifted the sales transaction power from the business to the consumer.  As a result, many outbound marketing tactics have lost their effectiveness because consumers want to do business on their terms. This shift created the need for a … Continue reading

Facebook offers new call-to-action buttons for posts

Facebook has added a new way to add visual calls-to-action to your business page posts, and ultimately drive fans to your content. How to create a Facebook Business Page Call-to-Action Post If you haven’t already done so, install the Facebook Power Editor. This is a more complex and functional dashboard … Continue reading