Inbound Marketing for Nonprofits: The key to acquiring qualified leads

Webinars are an effective Inbound Marketing tactic

Inbound marketing is a marketing strategy that began in 2006 and uses high-quality content to bring “interested” prospects to your company door. That means instead of chasing prospects, they actually come looking for you. Soak that in for a minute. … Continue reading

Become a Selling Expert with These 5 Tactics

Brad Ferris Enmast

This week’s Connection Thursday brings you tips for improving your sales strategy.  Our guest blogger is Brad Farris. Brad has been advising small businesses since 2001. He’s the Founder of and Co-Host of Breaking Down Your Business, self-proclaimed the “Most Entertaining … Continue reading

Your 2015 Small Business Marketing Toolkit

Did you see the September article in the Washington Post, “More businesses are closing than starting?” Not only are business closing, but only 8 percent of all companies (in America) are less than one year old.  Those are dismal words … Continue reading

Three Important Tactics To Boost Website Conversions

Does your website attract visitors but not such a great job at converting them to customers? A businesses website is one of the most important tools in the marketing toolbox. While it’s used for many purposes, one of the key … Continue reading

A Guide To Small Business Social Media Etiquette [Infographic]

This week’s Connection Thursday brings you information about business social media etiquette.  Our guest blogger is Jennifer Landry.  Jennifer is a dedicated web journalist from Malibu, California. She specializes in articles about business management and the current social media landscape. She welcomes … Continue reading

Social Media Marketing: Important Tips Every Small Business Can Follow

How is your small business social media strategy working out for you? If that question evoked an eye roll from you, you’re not alone. It’s evident that small businesses should take advantage of including social media in the marketing mix, … Continue reading

Improve Business Transparency And Efficiency With This Tool

About two months ago, I came across a tool called Toggl and it has really helped me transform my business. (I wish they had an affiliate program because I would join it!)  Even if you bill by project, this tool … Continue reading

A B2B Sales Strategy for People Who Hate to Sell

Early in my career I was a branch secretary for a mid-size copier sales company. Our office team included four to six sales representatives, about the same number of technicians, our branch manager, a delivery person, and little ole me. … Continue reading

Three Business Tools For Saving Money, Time and Your Sanity

“It took me hours to figure out how to (fill in the blank).”   The sentence above, and those like it, are claims I hear from small business owners that just make me shiver.  It’s common to try to take … Continue reading

Five Reasons You Should Use Your Phone During a Meeting

It happens all the time. You’re giving a presentation or leading a meeting… There are 10 to 15 people present… Slowly people begin to sneak peeks at their cell phones. Some even boldly begin using their phones while you are … Continue reading