Meet Coach Laura: Daily Intentions = Fabulous Outcomes

Thursday member spotlight: On Thursdays, we like to introduce you to a fellow myMarketing Cafe member. This might be through a guest blog post or by our sharing about a member and their business.

Fabulous life coach, Laura PrevostToday, it gives me great pleasure to introduce you to Coach Laura Prevost. Laura is a Certified Holistic Health & Life Coach who empowers individuals to create the life they desire through keeping Positive Change simple & attainable. I love receiving Laura’s emails. (She begins every email by telling me how gorgeous I am!)  I feel really blessed to have crossed her path in cyber space and to have connected. I am completely addicted to her positive energy. You can find Laura & sign up for your Free Love + Sunshine call to create your next Positive Step at  Below is Laura’s guest blog. Even her title is uplifting!

Daily Intentions = Fabulous Outcomes

A small business marketing To-Do listHave you ever gotten up in the morning and made a conscious choice, a conscious intention for what you were going to focus on for the day? Or are you already in motion, reviewing your to-do list and what you need to get done?

When running your own business (or even working for a company) it’s easy to get derailed from your main goal, your focus. But, if you start your day out with an intention, you up your consciousness for what you want to accomplish + align in your life.

Just so you know, beginning your day with an intention and revisiting that intention throughout the day does not mean your day isn’t going to have humps and bumps. It’s just a way to for you to re-focus where you’d like your intention to be and not get sidetracked by the humps and bumps.

How do you create an intention?

Start your intention with “I” since you’re the one creating this positive energy. You can always put “today” before the “I” as well. The next word should be an action.

I create.     I am.     I focus.     I make.     Follow it with your focus for the day.

Here are some examples:

Today I make choices that fill my Self Love Tank and best represent my Authentic Self.

Today I create space to BE my Authentic Self in my business so that I can better share the FaBuLoSiTY that is uniquely mine.

Today I eat + drink anything & everything that BEST makes my body feel nourished + energized.

Today I maintain boundaries out of Love for Myself + Others.

Today I Celebrate each & every success I experience no matter what the size.

Of course, you can keep it super simple or be more creative. The most important thing? To create an intention that resonates with YOU. And, your intention can change daily or stay the same every day. Again, entirely up to YOU.

After you’ve constructed your intention, it’s time for you to practice saying it. Get up in the morning, gaze at Bold + Brilliant + Beautiful  self in the mirror and state your intention. Say it more than once to cement it into your Energy + Mind. If you have it memorized after this, FABULOUS. If not, write it down on a piece of paper and stick it in your pocket. Or write it on a sticky note and stick it on your computer. Maintain your intention throughout the day by repeating it to yourself any time you need the reminder.

You’ll notice, the more you practice daily intentions, the more you’ll make Conscious Choices and create more Wondrous Delights + Positive Outcomes in your life.

Intend. Focus. Experience FaBuLoSiTY!headoverheelsinhealth_LOGO667bbd0b46cd