Mobile Marketing for Weddings

Mobile Marketing: How one wedding planner is using it

Today’s connection Thursday guest post introduces you to LaDonna Lanier.  LaDonna began working in event planning in 2001 and began wedding planning in 2011.  In 2013, she founded LaDonna Lanier Events and focuses primarily on bridal events including weddings, engagements, and bridal shoot styling.

I had the pleasure of connecting offline with LaDonna and I can honestly say, “I’m addicted to her.” She’s incredibly positive, cheerful, and beyond driven.  She’s the type of person who views problems as opportunities.  I encourage you to add her to your network and quickly.  Connect in the comments of this post, and on Facebook or Pinterest.

Mobile Marketing: How one wedding planner is using it ~LaDonna Lanier

Most, if not all of your clients have smartphones, iPads, or both right?

Yes, of course!

I’m a wedding planner who’s still learning how to harness my power in the marketing world. So, I had to educate myself on website traffic. A common trend for my site was almost 80% of visitors were viewing the site from mobile devices! (Most sites receive at least 60% of their traffic this way!) So, that meant I needed to set up my business where it worked well digitally, without being visually unappealing or too complicated. I kept searching for a way to get my work out there and improve my marketing strategy. That’s when I discovered… StickyAlbums! These mobile apps helped improve word of mouth marketing like nothing else!

LaDonna Lanier Events uses mobile marketing to boost word-of-mouth

LaDonna Lanier Events uses mobile marketing to boost word-of-mouth advertising

StickyAlbums helped me to create a branded mobile app that my brides-to-be and former clients could save to any of their mobile devices: IPhones, Androids, IPads, or tablets. The great thing is, you can customize each app. I use some for new clients to showcase styled shoots. It gives them more of an idea of what we can create for their day.

I send them to former clients with gorgeous photos from their wedding. I create a cute custom icon, add behind the scenes shots, and end with the professional photos, and then clients download them to their home screen. They don’t have to scroll through a huge gallery or need wi-fi. The pics are always accessible!

When you send the app to your clients, they immediately start to show them off to family, co-workers, and friends. With StickyAlbums, my clients can share the whole album in less than two minutes. Now, their contacts have my branded images right at their fingertips. The app includes links to share it, or they can call or email me directly.

There are so many ways to use this app it’s insane! Plus, StickyAlbums offers tutorials to help you work out the marketing plan for your business. The favorites online are event venues who use it to showcase the different setups that can be utilized. You can include referral coupons in your albums to share your latest promotion easily. I’m in the process of creating a new app where I’ll be cross promoting with a salon that specializes in bridal hair and makeup. The app was originally created for photographers. They can create preview galleries, use it as an upgrade or an add on, and even use it as a marketing tool.

Personally, I use StickyAlbums as both a strategizing and marketing tool. I can give them examples of my work to help in the planning process. Then I can create an app with photos of the final outcome of their own day. I wanted my clients to be excited and share my work with their friends, so the value was there for me. More importantly, there’s tons of value in it for the clients, and they want it! They want to share those memories. They want to brag a bit. For me, that’s okay, because every share gets me closer to another consultation.

Outside of the marketing opportunity, I use it to drive sales. Some clients come in wanting me to style their wedding only, but once they see the styling I’ve done on engagement and bridal shoots, they’re convinced they can’t make it without my skills on those shoots as well. At that point, I’ve done an upsell that doesn’t feel icky to me. I’ve simply shown the work, and let it stand on its own merit.

The process is simple, but the benefits are great. StickyAlbums offers a free 14-day trial. It’ll take about 15-30 minutes to do the initial setup, and then it’s a breeze afterwards. Give it a whirl!

Happy mobile marketing! Let us know how this product worked for you!