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Social Media ROI: 27 Ways To Use A Business Blog [INFOGRAPHIC]

Traditional marketing places a key message in front of your audience, content marketing begins a discussion with that audience. One of the most versatile and beneficial tools as to content is the business blog. It should be noted…this statement is true when the blog is used to its fullest advantage.

The facts speak for themselves, blogs serve as a critical tool for inbound marketing but the uses go far beyond marketing.  Below is an infographic outlining 27 strategic uses for a business blog. (Tweet this) The information explores organizational and operational opportunities, customer acquisition, business branding, lead generation and data analysis. The graphic also shares recent statistics highlighting the return on investment of a business blog.

In this era of content overload, businesses must focus on identifying strategic ways to reach their audience. (Tweet this)

There’s more to it than content!  Content brings only a percentage of the value to your business blog.  The remaining value derives from blog promotions.  If you write a blog post–and enhance it with visual aids, statistics, relevant links, keywords, and calls-to-action–there is still no guarantee your audience will ever see the content.  Reach your audience by developing a blog promotions strategy that is followed with every post.  Need a tool to help build a promotions strategy? Try the Guide to Boost Blog Traffic.  This tool offers a useful overview of the promotions process.

A blog provides the ideal content marketing platform, perfect for storytelling, compatible with visual content, and powered by a long life cycle.  Would you like to learn more about how to reap all of the advantages of a business blog for your business? Ask here.

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27 Strategic Uses of a Business Blog