Tools for finding relevant content

Content WebsiteLast week we talked about how to create engaging content for a boring industry and I promised to provide tools to help you find content.  Our team has put together a list of tools to use to find content relevant for your audience. Keep in mind that your content should be different for each platform.  Pinterest is image driven, Facebook is socially driven, LinkedIn is business and strategy driven, and blogs can be used to provide a variety of information.  All of your online channels can be used to engage the audience and drive them to key areas of your business website.

1.  Follow top information resources.  I follow about five blogs and business websites related to small business marketing. From these, I pull ideas for content either to share the information directly or use the information as a link supporting my existing content.

2. Use the Google Keyword Tool. The keyword tool is what advertisers use to determine what information their audience is searching for currently.  For example, I used it to help a client who owns a health related business.  I entered the words “weight loss” and the results produced several search phrases.  We took those phrases and used many of them as content ideas for my client’s editorial calendar.

3. Use social media to crowdsource.  Your audience wants to help you and they appreciate that you value their input. Your social media channels can serve as a great tool for gaining feedback and asking your audience for the kind of information they are seeking.

4. Survey past and existing clients. Your clients want to see you succeed. They’ve invested in you and your business.  Reach out to them for feedback using a survey or a small focus group.  There are a few free survey sites that can help you create an online professional survey. Visit our Free Marketing Resources board to review the ones we’ve found.  The feedback your clients provide can also be used to create customer testimonials and use for marketing content.

Now, it’s your turn. What ideas have you found for generating great content?