Gwen Stefani Album Launch

Will Gwen Stefani’s New LinkedIn Profile Be A Hit?

This morning when I logged on to LinkedIn, I was immediately greeted with a new post from Gwen Stefani.

Gwen Stefani use LinkedIn

My first reaction was one of wonder and puzzlement, Gwen Stefani on LinkedIn? She launched a new album today, so is that what this is about? It drew my attention because a new product launch isn’t the first thing an audience should see about you or your business on a social media channel. It’s kind of like walking into a networking event as a first-timer and screaming, ‘I just launched a product.’

For best results, create a presence on your chosen networks before you have an announcement and use boosted posts and ads to promote the big announcement.

But, I can make complete sense of what she is doing.

Why shouldn’t she be on LinkedIn? Stefani is a business owner with an accomplished career in the entertainment industry. While she is new to the LinkedIn channel, she already has more followers than other celebrities who have turned to LinkedIn unsuccessfully, like Megan Foxx, who probably forgot she has a LinkedIn profile.

What is really good is Stefani’s inaugural LinkedIn post did not just center around the album, she did offer practical creative advice – what she personally does to begin the creative process, what values she holds and the philosophies she sticks to firmly. It got those of us reading it thinking about how we can apply her ideas to our own business.

Can Stefani be successful with the platform? Absolutely, especially if she stays clear of these Don’ts.

  1. Don’t be a one hit wonder. LinkedIn users are advocates of the platform. They are busy business professionals networking to grow their company and career. They will welcome and be looking for more posts and updates featuring insightful business advice from Stefani in the future. Richard Branson is a prime example, as he’s been sharing his business advice post after post since October 2013.
  2. Don’t make it all about the music. While music is Stefani’s greatest business success, she has an accomplished career (see her profile). LinkedIn users will also want to hear about her marketing strategies, how she’s used networking to advance her career and make important connections, who her professional mentors are, how she leads her company, and maybe even some fashion advice for older business professionals. She’s 46 after all, even though you would never, ever guess it.
  3. Don’t speak (about personal stuff). LinkedIn is not like other social media platforms where a trillion people follow you but you only have three important contacts. It’s a business site and we shouldn’t see the casual, family and friend updates like those found on Facebook and Instagram. It’s obvious Gwen’s personal life deeply inspired the album. I think her feature song, Make Me Like You, could have been titled Blake, Why Did You Make Me Like You. But there is a place for family, romance and personal life, and it’s not on LinkedIn. Stefani’s profile shows she gets it, understands the platform and is keeping things very professional.

Stefani’s hitting all the channels with content the users expect to see on that channel. The hashtag #ThisIsWhatTheTruthFeelsLike is trending wildly on Twitter. And she’s hosting a live Facebook Q&A later today.

What do you think of celebrities turning to LinkedIn? Do you feel a legitimate business connection?


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