Create Dynamic Shareable Content from Customer Testimonials

I’ve been working with cafe member Big Papa’s Sauces to help them build their online presence.  We recently completed a website redesign with full integration of their existing and new social media channels.

Before and After - Big Papas Sauces

While we always strive to create unique content for each channel based on our target audience and the functionality of the channel, there is still content we want to share across all channels. And that’s your customer testimonials.  Big Papa’s Sauces has worked very hard to provide a high-quality product and it has paid off big time.  Customers have been singing their praises on Facebook.

Customer testimonials provide extremely value-added content for your digital channels.

So, our challenge was how do we take written customer feedback and make it visually creative?  My own personal, separate goal was to find a platform small businesses could use that wouldn’t break the bank.  Well how does FREE sound?

Here’s what we did:

1. We compiled customer testimonials from the company’s Facebook page.  It was the primary resource for customer feedback.

2.  When pictures were used with testimonials, we used them across channels. The channels we used were the company website, Facebook, and a brand new Pinterest page. In the future, we will use the content for an email campaign, possibly a Facebook ad campaign, and other sales promotions.

3.  When pictures weren’t available with a testimonial, we used to find a creative background for the testimonial and create a jpeg that could be used across channels. Pinstamatic is a free marketing platform.

4.  When we finished with the designs, we were ready to use our new content of customer testimonials on our digital channels.  We optimized the content on each channel with keywords and backlinks to the Big Papa’s website, in an effort to drive visitors to the website.

I’m thrilled with how well the Pinstamatic platform worked for this small business project.  What do you think?  How can we make this even better? Share your ideas.


Website Customer TestimonialsFacebook Album and Post:

Facebook Album postFacebook Album page

New Pinterest Page and Board:

Big Papas Pinterest Page

Big Papas Pinterest Board