Are you having trouble marketing your small business? myMarketing Cafe can help.

Our Marketing Plan section walks you through the steps needed to brew a successful integrated small business marketing plan.

3 Easy Steps to Power Up Your Marketing Efforts:

1.  Begin by watching our free training tutorial Small Business Marketing: How to Build a Powerful Marketing Machine. Scroll below to take a closer look at the planning process.
2.  Download the Small Business Marketing Planner, which includes a free marketing plan template.
3. Then build your marketing plan using The Ultimate Guide: Free Small Business Marketing, which connects you to 97 free tools and resources for small business marketing. Use them to create content that engages and sells.

A closer look at creating a marketing plan:

Here’s what we cover in our tutorial using a real-life example.

Research is one of the most important aspects of building a successful marketing plan.  The more you know about your industry, competition, and current marketing environment, the more proactive you can be with your marketing strategies.  While researching, consider your company from both an internal perspective and external influences.

I.     Research – Conduct research to effectively build your plan
(Before reading, download the Research Worksheet)