Your 2015 Small Business Marketing Toolkit

2015 Small Business Marketing PlanDid you see the September article in the Washington Post, “More businesses are closing than starting?”

Not only are business closing, but only 8 percent of all companies (in America) are less than one year old.  Those are dismal words to a small business owner and to those who are considering starting a business.

Is your small business ready for 2015?

If you’re like me, you’ll spend December assessing your 2014 performance and making plans for 2015. To help with this process and to keep you out of the “closing group”, I’m sharing resources from The Marketing Plan section at myMarketing Cafe.  The steps below walk you through what you can to do to brew a successful integrated small business marketing plan for 2015.

Begin by watching our free training tutorial Small Business Marketing 101: How to Build a Powerful Marketing Machine and download the Small Business Marketing Toolkit.

You might also benefit from our 3-part blog post, Three important steps to creating your marketing plan, focused on marketing planning. Finally, grab The Ultimate Guide: Free Small Business Marketing, which connects you to 97 free tools for small business marketing. Use them to create content that engages and sells.

Building your 2015 Small Business Marketing Plan – Step By Step

I.     Research – Conduct research to effectively build your plan
(Before reading, download the Research Worksheet)

II.   Problem – Define the problem with your business

III. The Plan – Build a marketing plan that works for your business

IV.  Implementation – Put your plan into action

V.   Evaluation – Assess the plan performance

VI. Budgeting – Secure financial and other resources

If this is the direction your small business needs to go, reach out and schedule a free 30-minute consultation.