Four Key Reasons To Use Infographics

4 Key Reasons To Use Infographics With Small Business Marketing

As a small business owner, I spend a considerable amount of time creating content designed to persuade prospects to choose my company. I’m not sure consumers realize just how lucky they are living in this day and age of content marketing. I give away huge chunks of knowledge that took me years to learn, all in an effort to demonstrate my expertise, add value to my services, and form stronger relationships with my prospects.

Because I am always researching content ideas, I know when something stands out. It’s one reason I’m a strong supporter of business blogging, which ties pages and pages of topic-relevant content to your business website. It’s also why I’m a supporter of bite-size content that captures all the key information using an image, like what you find with infographics.  And, I especially like that you can blend the two.

Wondering how infographics can benefit your small business marketing?

Infographics with small business marketing

We created this infographic in minutes using a template from


  1. Scanability – Most readers scan content, as a means of ensuring the content they are about to invest time in is relevant to them. Practically everyone is inundated with content all day long and this puts us in a perpetural “what’s in it for me” mode. Content that is easily scanned for relevance is much more valuable to readers.
  2. Usability – Infographics are extremely versatile content. They are easily transferred as images on social media channels, embedded into web pages or blog posts, embedded into email campaigns, and printed as handouts.
  3. Brand Repetition and Recognition – Companies use brand repetition to build awareness and recognition of their brands. However, finding the right amount of repetition can be challenging. The use of visuals and colors make infographics a wonderful branding tool that isn’t as vulnerable to brand wear-out. This is because while designs can be tailored to match a company’s overall brand, with each new infographic, a company is reinforcing brand familiarity but providing new information.
  4. Shareability – An infographic that provides high quality information about an industry or topic is highly shareable. Other content creators can write their own posts about the topic and include your infographic as the visual aid. Each time your infographic is used in a blog or shared across digital channels, it provides another valuable link to your website and helps position you as an authority on the topic.

If you are just getting started with infographics, there are several free tools available: info.gram, piktochart,, and even Powerpoint. My favorite is Canva, which just recently began offering free templates and tutorials. Here’s a link I received in their recent email campaign announcing the feature. And a link to one of their tutorials here. If you haven’t already explored canva for it’s many other graphic design features, I highly recommend it.


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