Find More Of Your Ideal Clients With ‘Before and After’ Marketing

What comes to mind when you see captivating before and after images of someone who lost a lot of weight? What about images showing how a surgeon corrected a deformity on a child?

When we share the before and after of a situation, we take the audience on a journey. In the examples above, the images demonstrate powerful results and prompt the audience to make a decision: join a gym or make a donation. When they can see the possible results of their investment, they are more likely to make the investment. It’s a simple, valid concept that can be used in a variety of ways and adapted to virtually any industry.

Read on for a few simple ways to capture the power of ‘before and after’, plus we’re including resources to help you get started.

Time Lapse Videos:

For really big projects that required an extensive amount of time, create a time lapse video that expertly captures the enormity of the project. These videos are tremendously captivating and can be made even more powerful by using text overlays and music.  In this example below, the company Ox Blue manufactures construction cameras and their time lapse video depicts the building of a Habitat for Humanity home.  Not only does this video showcase the months-long Habitat project, it shows you how well the Ox Blue product really works.

Resource: SkyStudioPro

  • Tell your story in one or two minutes

  • Use high quality content

  • Include a call-to-action

Mini Case Studies:

Think about your absolute best client. Wouldn’t it be nice to attract many more just like them?

Mini case studies are a perfect way to do just that. Use case studies to share the details of your client’s challenge and how your ideas, products or services helped with their situation. A simple one or two page case study, like the one for Key Services below, offers bite size information your target audience can read and quickly adapt to their own situation.

The video case study example below shares how the company iProspect helped meet the needs of its client, Adidas. In just over 2 minutes, the video case study conveys an entire project in one captivating story.

The best case studies highlight your ideal client, so that others in this target audience can relate to your content. In addition to sharing what your company brought to the table, consider highlighting client expectations so that prospects have a clear picture of their role in the process. Client expectations might include following deadlines, making a commitment to the project, bringing the right decision-makers and team to the table, or allocating the right budget to gain the biggest return on the investment.

Resources: Powerpoint for two page case study or WeVideo for the case study video.

2- page case study example


A ‘before an after’ collage is versatile storytelling that can be shared across all of your digital channels. Collages can be created by sharing the most profound images surrounding a project. You might go as far back as the planning and brainstorming phase to demonstrate teamwork and collaboration. The possibilities are endless.

In the example below, our team at myMarketing Cafe helped redesign a website for a client. We shared the ‘before and after’ story in a simple collage with text.

Website Redesign Package - Client Sample

Resources: Powerpoint or PicMonkey


Infographics can make a big impact when your story involves numbers and quantifiable results. While the example below is not necessarily a traditional ‘before and after’, it does show the progress the nonprofit made over the course of one year.

Before and After Marketing

Resources: Powerpoint or Piktochart

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