Free help with writer’s block and creating content

As a small business owner, you are already trying to squeeze about twenty different jobs into your work day.  When it comes time to trying to write a press release or new content for a web page or other creative, it’s understandable to think you might battle writer’s block.  Your mind is in a million different places and writing requires concentration and research.  Lucky for you, there are professionals in your community who love to write.  Here’s how they can help you…

If you are not already familiar with the Public Relations Society of America, visit their website and take a look.  Most public relations professionals belong to this organization or a state organization that offers local chapters.  For example, the Florida Public Relations Association has many local chapters.  To find a chapter near you, just search online for public relations association chapter and add your county name into the search.  Once you find a local chapter of either the state or national level associations, make contact with the chapter president.  Send an email to introduce yourself and your business.  Here’s why I encourage you to do this…

As I said, professionals in the public relations field join these chapters for networking, career development and volunteer opportunities.  Members are encouraged to partner with non-profits and small businesses to help them with their writing projects.  Many members will consider volunteering this service as a way to build their career portfolio and show diversification among different industries.  Additionally, most local chapters also have student chapters, which are run through local universities.  This offers another great opportunity to find help because students may take on your business writing as a class project.

When you introduce yourself to the local chapter president, let them know you are looking to partner with a public relations professional who might be interested in volunteering some time.  You can return the favor by promoting chapter meetings on your website and other online channels.

Just as with the Public Relations Society, there are also local level chapters of the American Advertising Federation.  You can reach out to this group in the same manner for help with developing content for your various advertisements.

So, go warm up your coffee and relax for a second. You deserve it!