Free marketing resources to help you look just like the big guys

Got your cup of coffee ready?  I’ve included this beautiful sunrise photo in today’s blog so you can start the week off right.  And on that note, let’s get started.  Did you know you have a library of free marketing resources at your fingertips, to help you look just like the big guys?

One of the many blessings technology has given small business owners is the opportunity to do-it-yourself when marketing your business and using FREE resources!  You have the power to create an engaging website, hold a webinar about a new product, create an e-newsletter, conduct an email marketing campaign around a product launch… the possibilities are plenty.

The hang up is in finding the time, I know.  But I can help with that… first, everything must begin with a plan.  If you haven’t already, take the time to read through our French Press section of the cafe and begin building your marketing plan.  Once you have your plan in place, you can look for free resources to help you with your strategies and tactics.  I’ve made this really, really easy for you.  On our Pinterest page, I’ve created a board called FREE MARKETING RESOURCES. Every time I find a company that offers a free resource, I add them to this board.

In the Pinterest board, you’ll find information on website creation and hosting, creating stand-out email signatures, hosting a webinar, hosting an event with online registrations and breakout sessions,  helpful ebooks, and a lot more.  Follow our Pinterest page or subscribe to our blog and be the first to learn when we add a new item.  (I add to this board more often than I refill my coffee cup, and you know that has to be a lot!)

And here’s a sneak peek… I have a free ebook coming  this week where I share how to easily create awesome banners for your blogs and emails, with templates included!

Be one of the first to receive a copy, just subscribe to our blog.  If you have any questions about our Free Marketing Resources, send me an email to  I’m happy to help.