Meet artist Daniel Ambrose

Thursday member spotlight: On Thursdays, we like to introduce you to a fellow myMarketing Cafe member. This might be through a guest blog post or by our sharing about a member and their business. Today, I want to share about Daniel Ambrose.  He’s a talented artist working in the Daytona Beach area.  We are connected through the cafe and on LinkedIn. Please take a look at Daniel’s extraordinary work and show him some love on his professional blog. Introduce yourself and by all means invite him to connect!

daniel_ambrose_young_gull_egg_tempera_500__21680.1368102488.250.250Daniel’s paintings have won the acclaim of  judges and collectors. He works in the egg tempera medium. I was looking at his website from a small business marketing perspective and wanted to point out what he does really well.

1.  He shares the purpose of his business immediately.  When you get to his site, you know within one second what he does.

2.  The website layout is clean, well-organized and welcoming.  Daniel’s paintings are incredible and are prominently featured on his website.  The site design doesn’t detract from the true purpose of the website.

3.  He offers a way to connect through his newsletter and uses exclusive offers as a benefit for signing up.  His newsletter subscription takes you to other valuable information: more about his background, what upcoming events are featuring his work, and more about being an artist.

When marketing your small business, it’s extremely important to build and nurture a network. This is what our Thursday posts are all about.