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Blogger Bio:  Today’s guest post is from Lynnelle Richardson.  Lynnelle joins us from Australia. A speaker, blogger and mentor, Lynnelle left paid employment in 2009 to pursue living a life on purpose. After years of stress and motivated by the need for significance and certainty, Lynnelle now motivates women to rise up, utilise their natural talents and pursue with passion their life purpose.  Visit her at


myMarketing Cafe_Scent of FreedomIt is triggered by any of the five senses and brings back feelings and memories of days past.  In a fraction of a second, your mind wanders and evoked are fond memories of laughter, happiness from the carefree days of childhood.   You feel alive again and it leaves others wondering what you are smiling about.  It is a moment that is welcomed back with open arms as it calls you to when time knew no limits, endless days of play, no stress, no worries – it is the scent of freedom.

My fondest memories of growing up in rural Australia are times on the farm.  The rich red volcanic soil that once ground into clothes was never to be removed.  Mothers cursed it on washing day and farmers loved it.  Returning home from the city, you had to wind down the car windows and smell the air.  The rich scent of dirt filled the air and with just one sniff, you knew you were home.  Oh, to be able to bottle this childhood smell.

Memories are comforting and connect us to times of certainty and security.  Uncertain times cause stress and we lose focus on our direction.  We end up confused and clarity is lost to a whirlwind of chaos.  Security helps us to find peace, knowing that we and our families are safe in this world is prime concern for survival.  There are factors that threaten what we have and the potential for chaos reigns.  An uncertain future and lack of security feeds fear and it restricts us to that little box where we feel most at ease, most comfortable.

Life calls us to step out, to go outside that box, into an uncertain world where the tethered ties to security are not as strong.  It is there that we grow, extend our thinking and achieve the most amazing things.  It takes courage, guts, determination, even when people say you are mad, it won’t work, it is then that you need to stand firm and have clarity of mind to make the right decisions for you.

Are you tired of a mediocre life and want more?  If you are over the 9 to 5 grind and believe you are called for a higher purpose? Be prepared to open that box of certainty and security.  Listen to what your heart is calling you to do.   For a life of dreaming and wishing is not enough, you must take action to create change in your life.

Are you ready for change?  Are you ready to try something new?

Surround yourself with positivity, find the right people to support you in this journey and believe in yourself.  For you are capable of climbing to the highest heights and achieving your deepest dreams.  Stand up, rise up and be all that you are destined to be.

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