Realtors can use Instagram or Facebook albums as a staging tool

When buying or selling a home, realtors for either side will tell you that staging the home is very important.  For the buyer, it helps paint a picture of what it would be like to live there.  For the seller, it can help their home stand out from the many other properties a buyer is reviewing.  Two online social media platforms can really help realtors with this important process: Instagram and Facebook.  Let’s look at them both.

Instagram:  Instagram allows you to create a photo and use various filters to help pictures really stand out.  You share photos with your followers and can use your photos on other social media outlets, electronic marketing pieces, and so on.  You can also use the geotagging functionality to show right where the property is located.  How great would this be as a tool to market an upcoming open house!

Facebook:  Facebook offers the album functionality.  You can create an album for a feature property and tag the location.  Use the gorgeous pictures you took on Instagram to really showcase the property’s features.  Create cool captions for each picture and tag a few current clients in the photos to help them really picture themselves living at the property.

Since we’re on the topic of ‘open house’, here’s another tip… don’t forget to take even more cool Instagram pictures of your prospects during the open house.  You know you’ve collected their email information, so send them a nice shot of themselves enjoying the poolside or standing in the living room or relaxing in the kitchen.  Do this within one day of the open house to keep your property top of mind.  You can also use this strategy with clients at individual showings, especially when you know the property is everything they are looking for and more!

Now it’s time for a coffee break so you can start planning that open house!