Six Social Media Ideas to Boost Customer Engagement

There is a great deal of noise about social media and how to use it with small business marketing. Business owners are blessed with all the information at their fingertips, but sometimes it can be difficult sifting through the choices.  With competition so fierce, it’s common to feel the need to have a presence on every social media channel, however, misused social media can actually kill your business before you even land the customer.

A business’ social media channels are a direct reflection of how the company does business and they are critical for effective customer engagement. Are you engaging with customers on social media? Does your content marketing strategy need a boost of social media creativity? Below are six ideas to enhance customer engagement.  Use them to build your own ideas and as a precedent to later engaging the customer in a more meaningful dialog.

Incite engagement with social media

Use social media and creative visuals to incite engagement.

Build momentum and engagement with a series of posts leading up to big news or an event. Becky Higgins, LLC does a great job building momentum for an announcement. The post leaves you marking your calendar.



Intiative engagement with clients using social media

Be the initiator of engagement.

Create engagement by liking other business pages and begin building connections. This post includes a recommendation about another business: One by One Designs. The business is tagged in the post and then responds with a thank you. They also shared the recognition on their business Facebook page too, garnering even more engagement and coverage.



Respond to all engagement on social media

Create engagement by integrating social media channels.

In this example, myMarketing Cafe highlighted a business in the Cup of Jo blog and promoted the blog and the business on Facebook . This garnered a “shout out” by the featured business, Aunt Kimmy’s Creations, on their Facebook page. It also introduced myMarketing Café to the Aunt Kimmy’s audience.



Promote your business clients to elicit engagement

Promote your business clients to elicit engagement.

Using an article or blog, highlight how your  clients are using your products or services. Include links to the highlighted businesses and promote the article through your business channels such as the newsletter, LinkedIn, Facebook and other social channels. Tag the highlighted businesses in the posts, whenever possible.




Step away from traditional advertisement strategies

Step away from traditional advertisement strategies.

In this example, the advertiser uses a trigger strategy to elicit engagement. People love to receive invitations to the next “big event”. Instead of creating a traditional advertisement, create an engaging invitation from the event’s key speaker. Other triggers include anniversaries, birthdays, and significant announcements.


Create a video showcasing your audience while enjoying your business.

In this example, Bread Euphoria Café owners tell their story. The video engages viewers with their genuine personalities and the activity taking place in the café. Of course, share the video on all of your other social media channels.

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