Small business connections make a difference for clients and the community

Community Cafe Homepage slide 1At myMarketing Cafe, our primary goal is to create a community where entrepreneurs and small business owners (and those who help them) can connect and ultimately grow their business.  Time Magazine shared in a recent article how to cultivate connections with your customers to help grow your business, but connections with like-minded professionals is equally important.  When you join the cafe, we promise to share about your business through our circles.  Our Thursday connection blog is one way we do this and we add members to our Pinterest Rock Star Small Businesses board, if you provided a website during sign up. Today, I’d like to introduce you to two impressive female entrepreneurs. I encourage you to reach out and connect with them, either through their channels or here in our comments.

Lisa L. Flowers – Visit Lisa through her website. I love Lisa’s Who I Am page, where she shares about herself and modestly about her accomplishments. Lisa is an award-winning copywriter and marketer and a person who is making a difference in our world through her work as an advocate.  Step over to her site and say hello or reach out to her in the comments below.

Donna Molvik – Visit Donna through her website.  Donna’s positive personality shines through the moment you click onto her website.  Donna is a self proclaimed eternal optimist, writer, and paramour of the sun and sea.  Her passion is to help entrepreneurs and non-profits.  What I admire most about Donna is while she works to help others improve, she’s also continuously focused on developing her skills. You find this quality in true leaders.

By building meaningful connections, you can grow your business, but you have to be open to making the connection.  For more on this topic, read this recent Forbes article sharing Six Ways to Turn Your Online Connections into Offline Business.  Nurturing your network can benefit your business in many ways offline and online.  We shared about this in a recent blog post focusing on paying-it-forward and how one of our connections came to our rescue.

So now it’s your turn… in the comments below, take a moment to share how making a connection changed your business.