Three branding lessons learned from H & D Diamonds

There is a popular quote, “Find a job you love, and you will never work a day in your life.”–Confucius.  While any job is going to take work to be successful, loving what you do and having a true passion for it makes for a rewarding and satisfying career.  On today’s Connection Thursday, I am so pleased to share about Orit Adiri-Niemogha.  She is the owner of H & D Diamonds in Manchester, England, and is a really and truly genuinely nice person.

H & D Diamonds, Manchester, England

H & D Diamonds, Manchester, England

One visit to the H & D Diamonds website, and you can see Orit has a passion for her work. Her professionalism and expertise is immediately evident.  Here are three important branding lessons we can learn from the H & D brand.

Find ways to help your clients

The H & D Diamonds blog provides a tremendous amount of helpful information for diamond shoppers. (I personally can’t think of anything I’d like to shop for more!) H & D has identified the needs and wants of their audience and use the blog as a source to meet those needs and educate consumers. While the information is trustworthy and informative, the tone is conversational and personal. Here’s one example where she shares tips for shopping for diamond earrings.

Make connections online and offline

I received an email from Orit recently where she shared about a marketing strategy for my business. She was invited to a coffeehouse meetup for small business owners and thought the idea would work well for my business. She connected with me offline to share about the idea.  Building relationships is key to growing a small business, and finding ways to connect offline is just as important as connecting online. Through Orit’s actions, she sent the clear message that she is genuinely interested in me and is a trustworthy contact.

Use social media to engage, not just advertise

If you click over to the H & D Diamonds twitter page, you will see that Orit has conversations with her followers. She strategically uses hashtags in her twitter content and shares about her product, but it’s all in an engaging and conversational manner. She sets a tone for her twitter page and it’s warm and inviting.

We are blessed to live in an era where we can all learn so much from each other.  I encourage you to connect with Orit and by all means help her share about her business. Connect with her in the comments below, and visit the H & D website, Twitter page or Facebook page.