We’re moving, today’s sunrise, and 3 HUGE blogging mistakes

My Marketing Cafe (c)Before I share three huge blogging mistakes to watch out for with your small business blog, I have some other news to quickly share.  Behind the scenes, I am frequently researching ways our team can improve our services.  My focus last week was identifying ways to improve our blog.  So, the Cup of Jo blog is moving to Monday mornings and I’m adding a bonus each week. Ready for the bonus?  We will be including a beautiful sunrise picture with each post.  Like clock work every Monday morning, you can grab your cup of coffee, soak in the gorgeous sunrise and learn something new in 400 words or less. Today’s sunrise comes from Ormond Beach, Florida courtesy of photographer Garth Saalfield. Take a moment to enjoy.

Today’s topic: 3 huge blogging mistakes made by small business owners.

  1. Not publishing your blog consistently.  This is number one in our book.  In fact, it’s why I moved the Cup of Jo blog to Mondays–to improve our relationship with our followers.  Because our content focuses on business relations and marketing, it’s important for us to reach our audience during the work week.  Your followers want to hear from you. By choosing a specific day to consistently publish your blog, your audience will begin to “look” for your blog.  Consistency with publishing your blog helps you stay connected to your audience, establishes you as a reliable resource, and demonstrates your commitment.
  2. Not tying your blog to your business website.  A business blog is an excellent resource for improving your business website’s search engine optimization.  Through your blog, you are publishing new content and each time you publish, you are creating a new page that links back to your website.  As a result, your blog posts will help your site appear more frequently in search results. Don’t forget to promote your blog through all of your social media channels too.
  3. Not providing valuable content.  The best content is relevant, creative, and useful.  Give your audience what they need!  When you develop content for your blog, consider your target audience and what is of most interest to them. What problems can you help solve for your audience? What other information can you provide that will be useful for them?

If you have a little more time, visit this past blog where I shared ways to help your blog stand out. Do you have blogging tips you’d like to share?  We’d love to hear from you.  Got a sunrise picture you’d love to show off?  Send it my way.  Happy blogging!