Lead Generation Marketing Infographic

Take The Mystery Out Of Lead Generation Marketing

Brad Shorr Director of Content StrategyThis connection guest blog comes to you from Brad Shorr, Director of Content Strategy at Straight North, a B2B Internet marketing company in Chicago. Brad’s team specializes in SEO, PPC and web design. His articles on marketing and business strategy have appeared on scores of leading online publications including Forbes, Moz and Entrepreneur.

Take the Mystery out of Lead Generation Marketing

SEO, PPC, website analytics, conversion rate optimization, affiliate marketing, CRM — whew, no wonder business owners and leaders get confused when they try to implement a coherent and effective Internet marketing lead generation campaign.

Don’t feel alone: Straight North, PPC managers and Internet marketers on a large scale, find it equally daunting! That being the case, we developed a flow chart to help new employees and work teams understand all the pieces of a lead generation campaign and how they fit together.

The Lead Generation Ecosystem

The flow chart proved so successful, we turned it into an infographic for public consumption: The Lead Generation Ecosystem.

Business owners and leaders can use this infographic as a basis for conversation with the marketing team, to spot holes in existing campaign structures and discover ideas about what to add to make campaigns more effective.

Infographic created by Straight North, PPC managers and Internet marketers

Are you testing your small business marketing campaigns?

For instance, looking at the top portion of the infographic, many companies develop tunnel vision and invest all of their time and budget in SEO or PPC or email marketing. But smart companies continually test other types of campaigns (e.g., affiliate marketing, display advertising) to see if something else can do better. As every business professional knows, customers are unpredictable — and so are the marketing campaigns that generate the best and biggest number of leads.

Are you tracking your leads?

On a more technical note, look at the FORM SUBMISSION and PHONE CALL hexagons below the COMPANY WEBSITE. Are you tracking phone calls and phone leads, so you can determine which marketing campaign (if any) generated the conversion? If not, you should — without tracking, you have no way of really knowing which marketing campaigns are working and which are burning up cash. But with tracking, you can spend more on what works, and get what isn’t working up to snuff … or snuff it out.

We hope this visual tool helps you make your marketing campaigns more fruitful — in our competitive marketplace, every dollar counts, and so does every lead.