Use Visual Content to Demonstrate Business Growth

5 Ways To Use Visual Content For Business Growth

Visual content dominated 2014 and is the biggest marketing strategy for 2015. Are you using it with your marketing efforts?

We’ve seen tremendous growth with content marketing over the past five years, including the switch from outbound to inbound marketing, where businesses focus on creating valuable content that draws the ideal audience to them. But as with all things marketing, inbound marketing is also evolving. And what you will continue to see more of is content with a strong visual component.

Take a look at the impact visual content has on marketing messages and how you can use it to grow your business.

1.  Sales Campaigns and Promotions

Instead of a simple social media post announcing a new sale, create eye-catching shareable content that helps the audience picture themselves at the sale, and also encourages them to share the information with others.

Visual Selling


Surround the visual content with a call-to-action message like “Bring your best girlfriends to our Midyear Sale Event!”

2. Product Benefits and Features

It might take two to three pages to share all the benefits your product or service provides clients. But how likely is it that your prospects will read your two-page value statement? The odds aren’t in your favor. In addition, different audiences will appreciate certain benefits more than others. What is your audience’s gravest concern? Use visual content, like images with a brand message, to share how your product or service can solve their problem.

Email List-Building Strategy
3. Awareness and Lead Generation

Do your products have more than one use? What about features? Do they offer more than one benefit? Video is the power tool of marketing when it comes to communicating the strengths of your product or service. The video below is an animated video used to promote an eBook. Video content is highly flexible and can be formal or informal so that it’s tailored to fit various market segments. It’s also the ideal medium for presenting product demonstrations and client testimonials.


4. Outcomes and Results

A lot can happen in a year, and if your marketing strategy is working, you’re seeing results. Share the results of business growth with your target audience using Infographics. The beauty behind infographics is their ability to share a large amount of information in a succinct and captivating way. They also give big numbers the ‘red carpet’ attention they deserve. The examples of infographics presented  below show how to use them to communicate benefits (Dell) and how to show the value of a company (Apple).

Use infographics to communicate product benefitsSource: Dell

WhatsAppleactuallyworth_infographicSource: SiliconRepublic


5. Case Studies and Client Testimonials

When it comes to storytelling across digital channels, Slideshare brings ease and flexibility to the table.  Use it for positioning your company and team members as industry leaders. Content created in Slideshare is easily embedded into landing pages, LinkedIn business pages, across social media channels, and in email campaigns. The example below shows how Shortel used Slideshare to showcase a case study.


Great visual content tells a compelling story

Content marketing provides value to the audience. By adding a strong visual component, the story can be told faster, in a way that triggers emotions and is much more memorable. Visual content doesn’t have to break the bank and you’re only limited to your own creativity. Want to learn more about creating visual content? Get started today with our free marketing toolbox including 97 marketing resources for your small business.


Now, it’s your turn. What content has grabbed your attention lately?