Embed a Youtube Video

How Embedding A YouTube Video Can Hurt Your Business

YouTube video marketing is a powerful marketing medium. It’s a way to capture your audience’s attention and tell your business story.

If you’re on the fence about using videos in your business marketing, take a look at some compelling statistics pulled from a recent article on Hubspot.

  • 75% of video viewers have interacted with an online video ad this month
  • 90% of video viewer say that product videos are helpful in the decision process
  • 92% of mobile video consumers share videos with others
  • 36% of online consumers trust video ads
  • 80% of video viewers recall a video ad they viewed in the past 30 days

On the content creation side, it takes time to develop a successful business video, from writing and rewriting the script, to filming or developing the animation, to voiceover and finally editing. It’s a long process and an important financial investment. So, when you are ready to post your business video on your YouTube channel, be very careful how you choose to embed your video in your other digital marketing channels.

Here’s what can happen.

Recently, I was doing research for a client. I was reviewing the Care.com website. I have actually used the Care.com services before and I have nothing but good things to say about the business.  My experience as a consumer was exceptional.

As I was reviewing the Care.com website, I was tasked with searching for marketing tactics that worked well and those that didn’t. I came across a video they use to recruit business partners.

Care dot Com Business Partner Page

The video was very well-written and easy to follow. It was an excellent marketing tactic, that clearly showed the benefits businesses receive when marketing with Care.com

BUT… when I finished watching the video, YouTube suggested another popular video about Care.com.

Care dot Com marketing video

This is not a video created by Care.com, and I’m confident it’s not one they want being promoted on their website.

Here’s how to avoid this with your YouTube video marketing.

When you upload your business video to your YouTube Channel and you’re ready to embed the video into your website or social channels, follow this simple step to copy the code.

How to embed a YouTube video

Click the ‘Share’ link.

Then click, the ‘Embed’ link.

Before copying the embed code, scroll down to the options and ‘deselect’ the box titled Show suggested videos when the video finishes. This will make sure the video ends after your video plays and doesn’t ask YouTube to randomly choose another video for the audience. You maintain control over what is shown to your website visitors.

Want ideas for using videos with your business marketing? Take a look at Three Ways Your Business Should Be Using Videos.