7 types of content that are most compelling

Seven Types Of Content That Are Most Compelling

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Most Compelling Content

We all know that content is something which can do wonders to our brand these days. It has become a tool which grabs the highest audience out there… especially when you craft content that is interesting and happening.

The fact of the matter is that the more compelling you make it, the more audience your brand will grab!

Now the content crafters often get confused on what kind of content will work more and what to craft. It really is a big confusion for them.

So, to clear out this confusion I am going to give away a few great types of content which works best for an increased readership.

So here you go with…

These 7 Types of Content That Are Most Compelling

Get ready for learning about these blog posts types for gaining higher attention and eventually higher traffic on your blog.

1. Original Researches:

The most interesting one is the content with some original research based on facts and figures. If someone does a bit of hard work and compose an article based on his own fresh findings, then he is definitely going to do great job and his article will also be getting extra attention.

Remember, people like to see new researches and findings because they can relate to these new findings in a much better way.

Check what Julie Neidlinger has to say about doing your own research and creating your own data:

Doing Research for Content


It has been seen that people are conducting their own researches now and studies reveal that 33% of bloggers who spend 6+ hours per post had “strong results”.

2. Success Stories:

The second most famous type is something based on a True Success Story. Readers get really excited and touchy when we are exhibiting some real-life stories.

Readers  love to read about people who went through a tough phase of life and succeeded in the end. This is a major form of motivation for the struggling part of the society out there. Anybody who’s fighting with life in any sort, would instantly click on your blog post.

Similarly, the failure stories also motivate people too, they let people learn from them.. So these kind of stories grab much readership out there because they are in a constant research for something better, something that would give them that one solution they have been looking for.

Study competitor success stories


Just make sure that you have some attention-grabbing headlines for these stories .A headline with Pain Point would do much better.

3. Influencers Experiences:

People love to read about the influencers and top players in their industry. The real life stories, case studies and current happening of the influencers really entice the readers.

Here you go with the popular types of influencers that the audience would like to read about:

Content Influencers


The readers like the content about influencers as it is full of examples, tips and tricks. These articles also lead to valuable discussions most of the times.

These articles mostly work on platforms like LinkedIn, Medium and Quora. The new entrepreneurs look up for examples from their seniors and that is where they can find those.

As the best example, check this post about the Most Popular Influencers and the most popular social media tools that they use.

4. Best Practices:

The other most popular style in writing is to offer the ‘Best Practices’. This is something everyone is looking for. As all of these tips and tricks get the audience covered. And the readers find easy solutions through these short posts.

And if you put titles with numbers on these practices, then it would be a cherry on the top. People simply love Listicles. You would find a lot of data on why using numbers on your headline works.

So the blog post saying the ‘X best practices….’ will always do great as the numbers and adjectives attract the most audience out there.

Content Using Lists


5. Common Mistakes:

Other than the best practices, the readers also like to read the mistakes they make which they cannot find out by their own selves.

This is a new way of recognising your mistakes in a much interesting and refined manner. We are often doing mistakes which we do not even realize.

Now this kind of content makes us realize what we are missing out on. This kind of article gives us a in-depth knowledge about where are we going wrong and how to correct it.

So yes, this type works this way. For instance, this particular post could be written out as 9 Mistakes You Might Be Making With Your Content Marketing Strategy.

Do you realize that through pieces like these? You could define what should be the content type??!


6.  How-to Checklists:

Furthermore, blog posts starting with ‘How To’s’ seem very helpful and informative. These kind of posts seem problem-solving and user-friendly at the same time.

BONUS: How to make a checklist.

These checklist which elaborate on any procedures or solution do a great job on the internet today. As technology is advancing and people face some or other problem everyday… And the first thing they do is to google the problem and see if there is any kind of solution available on it.

Now this would be your opportunity, if you have covered these problem solver posts then your blog would be the one to get all that traffic which is searching for that solution.

For instance, check out this  post on How To Write Great Content That Deserves To Rank: In 4 Simple Steps.

7.  A Good Collection of Stats:

Now… Stats do great as well!

People find the articles with facts, figures and stats much more interesting than any other post. Stats in percentages grab the highest attention as people believe more on numbers and findings rather than the plain talks.

The statistics in your content give it a far more solid and credible look. Readers surely trust more on numbers which give them direct clues. These statistics cut short the long explanations and present the findings in a much better way.

You can also have interesting infographics where you can exhibit statistics in a much interesting manner.

In fact, check out this graph below on how statistics have become an important in the industry.

Use statistics to tell a story

So, what I exactly mean here is…

To follow these guidelines and to revolve your posts around these topics so that you can compel more and more audience.

These were a few content types which can result in an optimum traffic on your blog. Keep in mind that the listicles, numbers, stats and actionable words will do great for your headlines.

If you are giving a fine headline to your post, it would also work well for you… but also make sure that the inner body of your article justifies the headline. Both should compliment each other and not contradict.

Check out this great piece on 13 Types of Blog Headlines That Will Get You More Traffic.