It’s ok to share some of your secrets

Here at myMarketing Cafe, we have often recommended sharing some of your secrets with your audiences and prospective audiences.  Teaching others something treasured and secret is a great draw for your business.  In the end, it can also help you meet your sales goals.  For example, if you share a little about how you make your product and engage the audience, they’ll buy!  This strategy has worked very well with food and wine tastings, chili cook-offs, and rib fests. We share a little of the product, and consumers enjoy it and buy it.

You will find examples of creative ways to “share your secrets” on our Social Grind page using a few of today’s top media outlets. But before I go on, please know that I am not suggesting you divulge your trade secrets.  I don’t want Bush’s Beans to give up that hundred year old recipe.  (Actually, bad example, because I do want that.) I am only suggesting you offer just a little something to whet your audience’s appetites and make them feel like they are receiving something special, because they are!

As another example, a restaurant in Winston-Salem, North Carolina is hosting a chef inspired event this weekend.  It’s called the Luv Luv Festival.  Several chefs will be showing off their culinary talent and it’s sure to bring a great crowd.  To add to this creative concept, the restaurant could also hold a challenge which would take place at the event.

Using the restaurant example above, I’ll explain what I mean.  The chef could also hold a contest at this event where he/she is cooking one of their signature dishes, like Chicken Marsala, and if a guest thinks their recipe can beat the chef’s dish, then they can join in the contest.  The chef is sharing his secret recipe.  As the event host, you can further boost awareness of this kind of event and the contest by filming the event and posting it on your YouTube channel.  Build momentum and excitement about the event by filming your chef seeking folks brave enough to challenge him/her.

Wrap it all up with a great bloopers video montage.  We are all human and everyone loves to watch bloopers.  If you have any questions, reach out to me.  In the mean time, go grab a cup of Joe and take a breather.

  • It is like reality! We all love reality shows…

  • Marissa

    I like the idea of sharing secret information. It does really make your audience feel like they are a part of an exclusive club and more connected with your brand. What great advice for building momentum for an event. Anytime you get the audience to participate and tie in a little reality–you’ve got the ingredients for engaging content, and potentially, viral content. Thanks for the post!