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National Women’s Small Business Month: Meet Claudia Howard

On Thursdays we introduce the myMarketing Cafe community and visitors to one of our great cafe members.  October marks National Women’s Small Business Month, so we thought we would celebrate this month and introduce you to one of our female entrepreneurs.

Before I continue, put on your “To-Do” list to reach out to a female entrepreneur and praise her for her accomplishments. It’s a great opportunity to recognize clients, colleagues and friends.


Please meet Claudia Howard. Claudia’s story is truly an inspiration. She has triumphed over some difficult challenges, including the death of her wonderful husband.  But Claudia is persevering and embracing a new life. She is creating a wonderful business called Career Role Model, that will help many women.  Claudia is sharing her guest blog below. Please say hello to her in the comments below, and connect with her on LinkedIn.

What’s it like to be a female Entrepreneur?

Claudia HowardAre you one of the women saying, I never imagined I’d create a business from the ground floor up? Me either; but I took the leap of faith and it’s been an incredible journey of learning, individual growth and immense joy of helping other women achieve personal growth and career fulfillment. I see women stepping up to their place in business, creating their own path, company and title: CEO. Entrepreneurship, while not for everyone, is certainly hitting the top of the “I’m going to do it list” for many women. In fact, the number of women-owned businesses in the U.S. is growing twice as fast as the number of total businesses.

Imagine years back, in the mid 1960s, only about 35% of women worked, and only 1 in 50 working women held managerial or professional jobs and compare it to now, when 40% of women are the breadwinners.  Being a baby boomer myself, I remember the time that most women were homemakers and if they worked, their professional choices were limited to secretaries, nurses or school teachers. Oops, a friend reminded me she could have also been a nun.

I’m a woman entrepreneur, who after enjoying 27 years of a successful and rewarding career in supply management, ended up starting my own company. It started with a desire to give back and support other women to find my true purpose. It took time searching, but evolved from having women sharing their stories of life and career. I heard women saying… “Who am I?”  “Now it’s my turn to find what I want to do in life”  “I have to get back in the workforce and I’m not sure where to begin.”

I created Career Role Model Program, Inc. to guide women on their Who am I journey to find their full potential and make a career change that allowed them to step up to their potential. From our customized workshops, women have support every step of the way to emerge with the self-confidence, and feeling empowered to make the decisions that create a fulfilling career. As I’ve worked with women and been with dozens of business owners, I see many reasons for their choice and their success.

Here are 3 of the many important attributes I see in Entrepreneurs:

1. Entrepreneurs never lose sight of their primary focus to serve others and the mission of the company.

2. Entrepreneurs are enthusiastic self-learners from how to start a business and constantly staying on top of current events and trends.

3.Entrepreneurs are highly motivated and persistent to do whatever it takes to make their vision a successful reality.

Maybe being an entrepreneur is right up your alley for what’s next in your career, maybe not. Either way, remember you have plenty of needed talent and capabilities to offer the world. If you are struggling or feeling stuck, trying to get back into the workforce, wanting to step up in your career or looking for something more fulfilling in your career, I encourage you to reach out, I’d be honored to serve you.

Do you have a career question or want more information to step up to your potential? Contact or call me at 262-758-0859 central time.

Role Model Program, Inc. guides women through career transitions with a uniquely customized series of workshops in self-discovery and career awareness to build self-confidence and experience empowerment to make decisions to step up to their career potential.

  • choward1954

    Word Ninja jolynndeal 
    Sounds like a good plan and great way to decorate a new home. I know some great internet sales taking place from sharing your gifted talents. Little e-books with hand illustrations are popping up all over and paintings are needed in homes everywhere.  Live your passion and you will keep happiness in your heart!

  • Word Ninja jolynndeal Melissa Penton I love it! That’s a women’s club I WANT to join. Don’t be surprised if I steal that and tag you two every time I use it.

  • jolynndeal Melissa Penton Jo Lynn, maybe you could start the Brazen Women Club. 🙂

  • Melissa Penton You’re awesome for saying that. I love being referred to as brazen! Thank you!!!

  • Melissa Penton

    Claudia and Jo Lynn Thank you for being brazen female entrepreneurs and mentors! Great post!

  • Word Ninja jolynndeal Thank you so much. I’m beyond flattered.  I appreciate feedback and suggestions!

  • jolynndeal You’re kind, thanks! I had the business about 6 six years, all word of mouth, then went to teach as an adjunct professor and back full time to writing, my first love. But the painting was wonderful, and I do miss it sometimes. I promised myself when I get my new home, I’ll paint all over the walls. 🙂 
    I’m really enjoying your site and all the great information you offer. It was nice reading your story on Claudia’s site!

  • Word Ninja She’s pretty awesome. Just like you!  I love connecting with people who have a helpful nature.  I didn’t know about your mural painting business. That sounds therapeutic and quite lovely!

  • Nice to meet you, Claudia. I’m on my second small business…the first was a mural painting business and currently I’m a part-time freelance writer. Love the stories of other women on your website (especially Jo Lynn’s!). Blessings on your wonderful work.