Surround yourself with people who can do what you can’t

When I talk to small business owners, the message that rings loudest is how busy they are. Owning your own business is quite possibly one of the hardest jobs on the planet.  You put everything you are and everything you have into making the business work.  Your personal success is riding on it, your professional success is riding on it, and more than likely, your family is counting on it.  It’s a LOT of pressure.  But…. it’s all worth it.

I deeply admire entrepreneurs and I started the cafe to help you succeed.  We’re here to be your marketing mentors and carry the burden for you.  Let us help.  A long time ago, one of my mentors said to me, “You can work hard or you can work smart.”

At the time, we were talking about how lost I was with a task. I just couldn’t figure out what I was supposed to do.

He said, “Jo, find someone who knows how to do this and have them teach you.”

This is a great strategy.   The world’s best CEOs surround themselves with experts.  The best leaders fill their team with people who are experts at doing what they themselves can’t.  So, now that you know we are on your team, what do you need help with?  Reply here, so that other business owners can learn too.  I’ve got a full cup of coffee and I’m ready.  Bring it on!