There are 27 Powerful Reasons for a Business Blog.

Customize a strategy to meet your business goals.

Because a blog is such a powerful marketing tool, it is the most important aspect of your content marketing strategy. No other tool allows for such flexibility in storytelling, attracts as many visitors to your website, is shared across multiple digital channels, and establishes you as an industry expert. No other tool!

To reap the rewards of business blogging, it’s important to develop a strategy and produce high-quality content on a frequent basis. It requires a tremendous time investment identifying content, building links to your website and relevant external websites, optimizing the post, and promoting the post. It doesn’t end there. Blogging requires frequent review of the analytics to gain better customer insight and use the information to strengthen your content strategy.

When it comes to blogging, there are three huge mistakes that most bloggers make.

#1 – Not publishing consistently.

Consistent publishing helps you stay connected with your audience, positions you as an industry resource, and demonstrates your commitment.

#2 – Not tying your blog to your company website.

Blogs are the biggest traffic referral source. It’s important to tie your blog to your company website, so you don’t miss important sales leads.

#3 – Not producing relevant content.

Blog content gives your target audience exactly what they need. Search engine optimization is secondary. To be effective, you must identify and provide content important to your target audience.

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