A 30 day, 9-step guide to boost blog traffic

So, you have a great blog filled with creative, high-quality content.  You include relevant links and backlinks, and appropriate tags.  You publish consistently, but no one is reading it.  Now what?  For the next 30 days, follow these 9 steps with each new post, to drive traffic to your blog.

30 day guide to boost blog traffic

Step #1 Embed at least one high-quality, relevant image into your blog post.

You already know and follow this important step, but I’ll elaborate on the importance. Images can be supported with keyword hashtags on Pinterest and Instagram, and tremendously boost engagement on those channels.  Text-based images (like the one used with this blog post) combine a visual component with a key message and provide excellent promotional content.

Image resources: Our favorite is pixabay.com, royalty-free images without attribution

Step #2 Develop promotional messages for social media channels.

Review the contents of your blog post, and for each individual key point or subheading, create a separate social media update for each of your channels. Tailor your messages to fit the audience and optimal posting style of the social media channel.  Take advantage of the blog image(s) on platforms that focus on images.  This step should result in several unique status updates around one blog post.

Step #3 Integrate the use of hashtags in your social media blog promotions.

Hashtags are used on multiple social media channels like Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook. Using a keyword hashtag will reach those people who are already actively searching about the topic.

Step #4 Include calls-to-action in promotional messages.

Use calls-to-action to drive engagement with a post.  For example, ask a question relevant to the blog topic and include a link to the blog post. Or ask readers to comment on what they think is the most important point in the blog. Be creative!

Step #5 Use Visual channels like Slideshare and YouTube to promote blog posts.  

For at least one post per week, create a Slideshare presentation using the key points of the blog post. Include a final slide that drives viewers to your primary website, a key landing page, or other blog links relevant to the blog topic. The same can be done with a screencast tutorial or video with YouTube.

Share the visual material on relevant social media channels like LinkedIn. These channels have millions of users.  As another alternative, create a podcast of the blog, with extra supportive information, and publish through iTunes.

Step #6 Post discussions where your audience is hanging out.

Join groups that target your audience, like those on LinkedIn. Often people join groups that include members from their same industry.  Joining groups in your industry is important for idea generation and staying on top of trends, but not for building viewership.

Step #7 Repeat social media blog promotions.

Most social media posts have a small window for viewing, depending on the channel.  Tweak the content of the social media updates you created and repost them later.  Buffer is a great (free) platform to help you quickly schedule a few posts.

Step #8 Leverage your email list with the visual channel materials.

Send the visual channel material created in step #5 to your email list.  Invite them to embed the content on their website and share through their circles.

Step #9 Leverage the audience of other blogs.

One of our team’s best promotional strategies has been writing high quality guest posts for industry leading blogs.  To get started with this strategy, identify guest blogging opportunities with top blogging sites serving your business industry. Begin by identifying sites that allow already republished content, or create exclusive content for the blog site.  In addition, join these blogging communities, comment on relevant blogs and include a link to your blog. Blogs are communities. Spend time connecting with influential bloggers and establishing a friendship.  We belong to a strong network and most of us want to help others succeed, but you have to put in the effort.

Check back with me here in 30 days and let me know the results!

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