Social Media Marketing: Important Tips Every Small Business Can Follow

Small Business Social MediaHow is your small business social media strategy working out for you?

If that question evoked an eye roll from you, you’re not alone. It’s evident that small businesses should take advantage of including social media in the marketing mix, but the questions I hear most often are why should I use the channel and how should I be using the channel? The simple answer is to “use it like a user.”

Every social media channel is different and users of the channel go there with specific expectations. And while it’s fine to share your news across your business social media channels, it’s important to customize your content for each social media channel.  Follow the steps below to get the right audience following your social media channels. (The first two are  for B2B, the third is for everyone.)

1.  Three target audiences you should be following on every social media channel.

A social media strategy involves much more than posting engaging and thought-provoking updates for your audience. One important often missed step is building your audience by following your audience. On each of your channels, follow these important targets.

  1. Your current clients – Keep tabs on what’s new with your clients and look for opportunities to engage.
  2. Your prospective clients – Use the channels to connect and start a business relationship.
  3. Your ideal referral sources – Who are your best referral sources? Make sure you are following and engaging with these important targets, so that you stay top-of-mind when they have a referral. Look for ways you can help them too.

2.  Use these target audience connections to strengthen business relationships.

Picture yourself on Facebook (or any other social channel) as you, not your business. Typically, we scan our news feed in search of something funny or important updates from our friends. We comment, share, like.  It should be no different for your business social media pages. Now that you’ve taken the time to follow your three target audiences above, their updates will fill your news feed. Just as you do with your own personal social media pages, begin commenting, sharing, tagging and liking their updates.

3.  Create content that moves your audience to action.

Does your content move the audience to action? Shares, likes and +1s are nice, but isn’t acquiring a new client much nicer?  In the slideshow below, we share 7 must-follow tips for strategically growing your social media fan base and an example of a simple content flow that will move the right prospects to action.


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