Turn your business blog into an employee development tool

Turn Your Business Blog into an Employee Development Tool

It’s no secret a business blog is an effective marketing tool for reaching the target audience. Quality content can be used for inbound lead generation, to position the company as an industry influencer, and as a polished business portfolio–to name just a few marketing benefits. However, there are also several strategic uses for a blog to support employee development that will ultimately improve the customer experience.

Team-Building – Build a stronger company with a cohesive team.

When sharing stories about a new product or service, blogs can be used to bring the team together.  Invite members of each department to collaborate on the product story,  and share how each department contributed to the product development. The grocery chain Wegman’s stands out with posts written by the company president as well as other employees. The Starbucks company blog follows suit with its employee-generated content.

Team Recognition – Showcase employee accomplishments.

Audiences are taking a deeper look at companies and how they do business.  A blog platform is ideal for sharing about team accomplishments.  In this digital era of social marketing, customers want you to get to know them. They also want to get to know you. By personalizing the business brand with storytelling through the business blog, businesses can strengthen brand loyalty and build stronger relationships with customers.  Just as important, businesses can improve the employee brand experience. Happy employees = happy customers.

Employee Orientation – Make onboarding more engaging for employees.

A blog can serve as a library of resources and information for new employees and perspective new hires.  When used for team-building and team recognition, it also helps define the company culture. Especially for larger organizations, with broad organizational structures, employee stories shared through the company blog can connect departments and teams. Whole Foods employees can learn just about anything about the company from the many blog categories of its company blog.

Organizational Alignment – Keep everyone on the same page.

Do all your employees know the uses and benefits of the products sold by the company? By adding blog posts that specifically tout these important attributes, all employees have a deeper understanding of what the company offers. Southwest Airlines is a perfect example of a business using the company blog to connect with employees.

Employee Development – Give access to knowledge when they need it.

Knowledgeable sales and customer service teams are essential for business success. A business blog can serve as host to commonly asked questions, which is a valuable resource for sales and customer service teams. The Haliburton corporate blog is an example of a company blog focusing on product solutions.  The blog is touted as a forum to exchange information, ideas and solutions to help businesses in the industry overcome complex challenges. To that end, Haliburton’s blog serves as a valuable tool for employees and clients.

While business blogs help companies build a social presence and become a part of the online communication, they are also an invaluable tool for developing employees and enhancing the overall customer experience.  For more ideas on how to strategically use a business blog to grow your business, check out the recent post 27 Ways To Use A Business Blog.

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