Use LinkedIn to share about a standout employee

Employees on LinkedIn

Showcase the company culture and share about employees on LinkedIn.

When you have completed your LinkedIn profile, built a strong contact base and established your company identity on LinkedIn, consider using the update function to share about employee successes.  LinkedIn is a professional networking site used by 200 million professionals.

At any given time, your company could have prospective employees searching for information about you and the company, so that they make an informed decision about pursuing a position with you.  When they see how much you truly value your employees, it will support their decision to work with you.

Vendors and community partners want to invest with a company where owners and management care about the community and the company’s employees.  As part of an overall strategic employee recognition plan, LinkedIn can help you communicate the importance of your team with a broad audience.

Your employees are your most valuable asset.

Employees understand the inner workings of your business and directly affect your success.  You’ve invested time and money on training and employee development, so the same should be spent on employee recognition.  With your human resources department and leading supervisors, decide what efforts you want to recognize and using what platforms (like LinkedIn) by creating an employee recognition policy for your company.  Share about the policy at a team meeting, so all employees are aware of your plan and opportunities for recognition.

Remember, fairness, clarity and consistency are imperative with any employee recognition plan.  All employees may not find value in every form of recognition, so maintaining a variety of recognition tactics is important.