Use content and timing to improve your marketing return

Just as with a good joke, the content and the timing of your marketing is key.  Have you ever rolled your eyes at a foolish or tasteless joke?  Recall how embarrassed you felt for the comedian when their timing was off?  Well, albeit in a slightly different way, the same rings true for your social media marketing content and when you post it.

The key to scheduling your posts is researching your audience’s behavior habits and those traditionally observed by social media users.  Studies show that social media engagement is highest first thing in the morning, during the lunch hour, and after dinner or late at night.  While you might be most productive during other hours, it’s fine to create your content during those times, but hold off on posting.  There are plenty of tools to help you schedule your posts during optimal times.

Now that you know the best time to get your information out there, what should you send?    Content marketing is a strategy used to closely target a specific audience.  Content marketing delivers information to a customer that helps them with the buying decision, makes them more knowledgeable about your company and product, or more knowledgeable about an interest linked to your industry. You are providing valuable information to your buyers and they in return reward you with their business.  To be effective, you must research your audience.

Here’s an example of content marketing.  A clothing designer might send out a marketing piece that shows consumers what designs and clothing styles can help mask extra weight. The marketing piece may include a link to suggested styles.  This is useful information for women and men who might be slightly or moderately overweight. They will greatly appreciate this tip, especially if it’s presented in a tasteful way. In return, when this audience is ready to go shopping, they’ll visit this designer and check out their designs.

Content marketing provides useful information to consumers without bombarding them with the sales pitch.  It is a great strategy for leading up to a broader campaign around a big sale or new product launch.